AAT’s IIRR Marketplace


1 – Registering for the IIRR Marketplace.

Only AAT Members who have paid for the Marketplace enhancement can access Physician and Technician profiles, and the Jobs Board. 

If your AAT membership has expired, or you have not purchased the Marketplace enhancement, please log into the AAT members portal to upgrade your account.  

New members should use the Join link.  

Click on the Sign Up button to purchase the Marketplace enhancement in Member Portal.

You can view the limited access version of the Marketplace by using this link

2 – Log in to IIRR

You use the same AAT Member login you use for the Member Portal on the AAT main website to log into IIRR. 

The first time you log into the IIRR Marketplace, you will be asked to select a user type:

A Technician is someone in need of interpretation services.

An Interpreter provides interpretation services.

IMPORTANT! Make sure you register correctly as user dashboards are different for the two different registration types.

If you accidentally select the incorrect user type, contact us and we’ll remove the erroneous classification so you can re-register.

Subsequent logins will not require you to select a user type.

3 – Need more instructions?

Click the “Start Here” link at the top of the page for our tutorials.

If you still have issues, please contact us.